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We are a Consulting Firm specializing in

risk management

Experts in contracts for the provision of services celebrated with CFE and PEMEX.

We are experts in energy and maritime risks, engineering, construction, aviation, bonds, and personal insurance.

Our main objective is to preserve our clients’ human, material, and economic resources. To achieve this, we focus on offering a quality service with the best prices and coverage.


Insurance that covers the assets and operations of shipping companies, oil structures, gas transportation, mining companies, etc.

Surety and Bonds

Financial solutions that guarantee commercial obligations towards third parties for the supply of goods and services.

Construction and

Other Industries

Insurance related to the construction industry in general and we include analysis of various industries in the market.


Products and services that ensure the future of our customers. We provide advice in case of accidents and in the use of our products.


Insurance solutions for private commercial aviation companies that provide executive personnel transportation services.


We offer a complete panorama of solutions, advice and consultancy to detect the risks to which our clients are exposed.

It’s not just about insurance

It’s about you.

At our company, we prioritize you, our valued customer, above all else. We have formed strong partnerships with top brokers in the insurance and reinsurance industry, as well as leading insurance and surety companies throughout Mexico. Our unwavering dedication to your satisfaction is a clear demonstration of our unwavering commitment to your needs.

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Insurance, Bonds, and other

relevant industry news.

The Importance of Construction and Erection Insurance in Maximizing Safety in the Construction Industry

December 18, 2023|

In the construction industry, safety and foresight are paramount. Projects worldwide, including those in Mexico, face various risks, from natural disasters to unforeseen on-site issues. In such a context, construction and erection insurance become essential tools to mitigate risks and ensure project success. This article explores the importance of construction and erection insurance, its key coverages, and how it can [...]

The importance of surety bonds in the energy and construction sector

September 12, 2023|

By Marisol Camacho Salas Surety bonds are a fundamental concept that often goes unnoticed until they are required in the business and financial world. If you are part of the energy or the construction sector in Mexico or any industry that involves large-scale projects and contracts, it is essential to understand what a bond is, what it is for, and [...]

Celebrating 34 years of growth and adaptation: The future of Camacho & Asociados

May 13, 2023|

Celebrating 34 years of growth and adaptation: The future of Camacho & Asociados As an insurance and bonds broker specializing in Marine and Energy Risks, our company has faced many changes in both the energy and insurance industries over the last 34 years. In this article, I will explore these changes, how our company has adapted to them, and our [...]

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