Our risk management solutions are tailored to private companies in the commercial aviation industry
that offer transportation services for executives and personnel.
We provide comprehensive protection to ensure the safety and security of your operations.

Our company is a leading provider of insurance solutions for private commercial aviation companies that offer executive transportation services. We offer a comprehensive range of insurance products that cover liability both within and outside their country, ensuring full compliance with state agencies in the aeronautical sector, and mitigating risks associated with all types of aircraft operations. Our unparalleled experience in the aviation industry enables us to access a global network of underwriters, empowering us to implement various insurance programs for our clients with confidence and ease.

  • General Liability

  • Legal Liability for Passengers
  • Physical Damage to the Aircraft (fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft)
  • Spare parts and Repairs
  • War
  • Cargo and Baggage
  • Medical Expenses for Passengers and Crew
  • Liability with Extended Coverage (war and other risks)
  • Hangar Keepers
  • Airport Liabilities
  • Bank Interest Rate
  • Leasing of Engines and Parts
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